My first visit to the taproom. Flight night! Insight beers always have a delicate quality about them. I like them a lot.
  1. (Return of the) Lambton Dragon, English session ale
    Nice earthiness to this, dry, not too bitter. It's 4.1%ABV--I'd really love it at about 6%, I think. But, it's very good. And very lively.
  2. (The Garden of the) Hell Chicken, pale ale & yuzu
    What is this Japanese yuzu fruit? It smells like a pineapple cactus, and tastes mildly gingery, around a nice pale ale.
  3. (In the Halls of the) Sunken City, saison & Sauv Blanc grapes
    Great balance between the saison and white wine. The flavors are very compatible the way it's done here. Just a hint of banana as it warms up. Is this a reworking of the Saison d'Blanc?
  4. (An Obstruction on the) Troll Way, citrus IPA
    Hm. To me this tastes more like grass than citrus. If I use my imagination, maybe (grassy) green grapefruit. Tasty, but to me not overly citrusy.
  5. (Taming the) Devil's Companion, London-style Porter
    Just a hint of smokiness, but mostly roasty and toasty goodness.
  6. French Saison, traditional saison
    This one I'm definitely getting some bubblegum from. And (again to my particular palate on this particular evening), dare I say it, a little bit of lagery mustiness underneath. I know that's not supposed to be what you get from a saison, but there you have it.