BEER DIARY - London 2016 edition #1

The first bunch of beers from my London trip.
  1. BrewDog Punk IPA
    Interesting. It's like tropical tobacco flavor. Sweet earthiness at first, then orange rind hoppiness. Tasty!
  2. BrewDog Casino Rye Ale
    Aroma and flavor are earthy & musty. Some caramel malt flavor underneath. Zingy carbonation.
  3. Stone (Berlin) Go To, session IPA
    Orangey-grassiness. Fresh and bubbly. Berlin-brewed version of a good beer! I am in London. It's probably my only opportunity to taste a Berlin-brewed Stone beer :)
  4. Signature Brew RoadieAall-Night IPA
    Whoa! Like chewing on tobacco leaves! Some bright orangeyness on top, but then it's like an ashtray. Tasty, but different.