BEER DIARY - Manchester edition #1, Marble Beers @MarbleBeerhouse @pubcats

And I don't mean New Hampshire! // Okay, I'm turning this into a brewery-specific edition because I'm at their bar and the beers are great. And they have a cat!
  1. Hero, part-time pubcat
    What a little peanut!
  2. Earl Grey IPA
    Off to a great start with this nice, hoppy IPA! You can taste the tea influence. Finally, an English-made IPA that is not still malt-forward :)
  3. Manchester Bitter
    Two for two! Smooth and creamy. Gentle bitterness, from the hops, not because that's what the style is called. Just a little bit of cream ale flavor on the back end.
  4. Chocolate Marble, stout
    Beautiful chocolate notes in this stout with nice roasty undertones. Right in my wheelhouse.
  5. Black SunShine, black IPA
    Rich and dark, cascadian taste with a little underlying tanginess, slightly bitter finish.
  6. Built to Fall, American pale ale
    Lightly grapefruity hoppiness. Somewhat syrupy mouthfeel and aftertaste. Sparkling and tasty.
  7. Marble Pilsner
    Pilsnery, in the best way. Somewhat hop foreword, but mostly biscuity and lemony, in a gentle manner.
  8. Lagonda, English IPA
    In the grapefruit rind direction. Maybe a little tropical fruitiness in the back end.