BEER DIARY - Manchester edition #2

Now I'm in Manchester. There is beer here, too! // Update: you should be able to tell the part when I was in stadium-land.
  1. Track Brewing Zaka, pale ale
    Mildly tropical hop flavor. Gentle and tasty. Manchester brewery.
  2. Summer Wine Brewing Beagle Pale Ale
    I like that in the UK, breweries make beers for specific pubs. This is one of those, I am at the Beagle. Grapefruit-grassy, bright and sparkling. Really nice, for my American palate :)
  3. Red Stripe
    Nice refreshing lager. Light, dry, and crisp.
  4. Brahma
    More of a lager flavor than the Red Stripe, but still fairly dry and crisp.
  5. Heineken
    This is not good.
  6. Titanic Plum Porter
    Like drinking a plum! I thought it might be a little tart, but no, just fruity, like a raw plum tastes. Not what I was expecting, but very tasty!