BEER DIARY - Stone Brewing Ruination edition @StoneBrewingCo @StoneMinnesota

I'm bitter and I like it that way.
  1. Honorable mention, my Ruination pint glass
    My friend Rob M gave me this glass after he moved from Minnesota to California. We were in Chicago for a show by Sara and Rob L. That was also the first time I met Janeen. I knew right away that she was the one for Rob M. They are now married. This glass was my first branded pint glass. Mazel tov.
  2. Ruination 2.0 with orange peel and vanilla
    Creamsickle on top and delicious Ruination underneath! Went really well with the cream cheese burger I had.
  3. Ruination 2.0 aged with American oak
    I'm not familiar enough with regular Ruination to taste the difference. I'm picking up any vanilla from the oak but maybe some dryness. Grapefruity. // not that I've had a taste of the plain Ruination, I believe the influence of the oak in this one is to mellow the bitterness.
  4. Ruination 2.0
    Had a taste of the plain Ruination to taste the baseline for the oak version above. Big, juicy, grapefruity, bitter, a wisp of caramel.
  5. RuinTen Triple IPA (2016)
    Higher ABV mellows out wverythig, including my ability spell. Still grapefruity, but not bitter. Kind of sweet and kind of hot.