I'll be honest: sometimes either my palate or my concentration level in general makes it tough to discern between beers such as these. There. I said it. Having said that, I like both 2016s the best.
  1. Surly Darkness 2016
    Rich and chocolatey.
  2. Surly Darkness 2015
    This seems more mellow than the 2016 in all ways.
  3. Goose Island Bourbon County 2014 13.8%
    Immediately more complex than either of the Darknesses. Though boozier, but not as chocolatey. It's complicated…
  4. Goose Island Bourbon County 2015 14.3%
    Woo, this is boozy! And actually, that's a little distracting from any other flavors I might have detected.
  5. Goose Island Bourbon County 2016
    This is also quite boozy, but more of the other flavors are fighting their way through. Getting a little cherry and dark chocolate from this one.
  6. Excelsior Sangre Blood Orange IPA
    TANGERINE! What a delightful beer. So orangey, but underneath there is a great balance of some lagery, bready stuff. To be honest, even more honest, this was my favorite of these six beers!
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