1. Surly Heathen Temple, blackened hefeweizen (taproom only)
    Low ABV. Flavor doesn't really hit until the back of your mouth. Ascorbic dryness-sourness, really dry in the aftertaste. Interesting. Some peat and smoke notes, definitely has that Cascadian dark thing going on. Some berry starts to come out once the chill comes off.
  2. Surly Hop Shifter #4 Chinook, IPA (taproom only)
    Dry grassy hops, just the way I like it! Juicy undertones. I wouldn't mind if they made this all this time!
  3. Together (suggested pairing): Hop Shifter #4 + Flank Steak (tomato, cucumber, melon, chimichurri)
    Grassiness of beer plays really well with the salad part of this. I love flank steak. Smoked salt on the steak was a nice touch.
  4. Surly Xtra-Citra, pale ale (mostly taproom)
    Smells and tastes like a gentle Furious, maybe a little drier. A bit of mustiness underneath. Good.
  5. Surly OverRated, west-coast IPA
    The name might be a jab at west coast breweries, but this is a great IPA! Bright grapefruit/resin flavor, delightful lacy head. Delish!
  6. Together (suggested pairing): OverRated + Farro Salad (smoked salmon, avocado, egg, pepitas, micro greens, lime vinaigrette
    Mm, earthiness of pine nuts—correction: pepitas are toasted pumpkin seeds—dill, and micro greens brings out resin notes of the beer. Lime vinaigrette, avocado, and egg yolk make a nice backdrop for the tropical notes. I love farro.