BEER DIARY - Town Hall Barrel-Aged Week 2017 edition w00t

You will forgive me if these aren't the most articulate tasting notes I ever executed :P
  1. Eye Wine Red (2017), Minnesota honey wine aged in French oak red wine barrels
    First hit was of sweetish honey, then definitely taste the red wine aspect. Definitely also some musty woodiness in the aftertaste.
  2. Le Baltique (2017), Baltic porter aged in French oak red wine barrels
    Mostly smoky is my large first impression. My second, equally strong, impression is milk chocolate and sweet cherries. Or black currant. And then the red wine.
  3. E.T.Wee (2017), Scottish style wee heavy aged in bourbon barrels
    Smells peachy and boozy. Flavor that comes through is more in the vanilla and cherry realm. Light, yet barrelly.
  4. Foolish Angel, Belgian-style quad aged in bourbon barrels
    I taste cherry vanilla, the description says plum, banana, fig. So what it boils down to is woody fruit!
  5. Single Barrel Reserve Foolish Red, Belgian-style quad aged in Bourbon barrels
    Woody. Caramel vanilla. Did I say wood?
  6. Foolish Red, Belgian-style quad aged in French oak red wine barrels
    I definitely taste the red wine. And some cherry. Then the wood comes in.
  7. Town Hall's description of the Foolish Angels
  8. New York strip dinner
    I asked for it to be "hot and mooing" and "very rare," yet it came out medium. It was still a tasty plate.