BEER DIARY - Upper Hand Brewery Edition @UpperHandBeer

New to the market, and I tried some!
  1. Yooper Ale, oat pale ale
    Gentle flavor with lively carbonation. I like the oat smoothness and "mealiness." Oat ales intrigue me, since I fell in love w/Oatsmobile.
  2. Upper Hand Lager
    Light and lagery. A hint of lemon and biscuit.
  3. UPA, American pale ale
    It's kind of sweet and floral, with no hop bitterness. Well, maybe a little way underneath in the aftertaste.
  4. Escanaba Black Beer, Cascadian dark ale
    Tastes quite Cascadian, but less piney and roasty than most, and with more anise and smoke than most. But still Cascadian.