BEER DIARY - Vacation Edition

I am on vacation. Beer I can't get in Minnesota! Altitude drinking—half the beer and twice the water.
  1. Russian River Pliny the Elder
    Gentle grapefruit flavor, not too bitter, unobtrusive malt balance underneath. Tasty!
  2. Black Tooth Hot Streak IPA
    Full, balanced flavor. Bright pine/resin hop flavor with balancing but unobtrusive malt character.
  3. Hopped Up (Level 26)
    Untappd badge. 130 different beers with IBU +65. This badge is not hard for me to level up on!
  4. Snake River Pako's IPA
    Oopsy, I thought it was the Pakito's session version I ordered. All the grass! At the start of the aftertaste I get a hint of Werther's.
  5. Lumpy Ridge Porta, porter
    On the fudgy side at first taste. Roasted caramel malt flavor. Fairly lively carbonation.
  6. Left Hand Introvert, session IPA
    Grassy hop flavor on top, caramel malt balance underneath. This is rather tasty!
  7. Lumpy Ridge SunLion Wheat, wheat ale
    Micro micro micro brewery in Estes Park CO, in a tiny former gas station building. This is their wheat beer. It appears to be filtered and is indeed the color of sunshine. Bready and lemony. Good flavor for low ABV.
  8. Lumpy Ridge Beautiful Mistake, not wheat ale
    This is the same recipe as the Sunshine above, but they forgot to add the wheat, hence the name. It's a little hot, but you can taste the sunshine underneath.
  9. Find the Source (Level 8)
    Untappd badge. Check-ins at 40 different breweries.
  10. Rockcut Smoky Brunette
    More smoke in aroma than flavor, but a small, pleasant amount in the flavor. Cinnamon-tinged nutty caramel flavor. Lively carbonation.
  11. Rockcut Pale Ale, Amarillo single-hop
    Smells musty floral. Tastes muted lemon and lightly citrus. Lively carbonation.