5 modeling poses and techniques as demonstrated by my cat

These just there are just so many aspiring cat models and cat model photographers out there. With cats as such an Internet sensation, it's a shame that there's no good instruction manual on how to properly photograph a cat! Fortunately, this list jump start your cat's rise to fame
  1. Solemn stare into camera paired with dramatic lighting
    A truly classic pose, one can never go wrong posing their cat in this way
  2. Scandalous butt shot (with out being too scandalous for all those darn conservatives)
    What's better to skyrocket your cat to fame than a sexy pose? But keep in mind to not show off too much at once so your cat can appeal to multiple demographics
  3. Demure female with a common household object
    To make sure the female model cats don't get any crazy ideas about their place in the world, pose them with a common household object. Books can count in this case, because female cats can't read. Only male cats can. Duh.
  4. Exotic outdoor locale
    Even if your cat stays strictly indoors, have no fear! Find an enclosed outdoor location (such as a deck) to fully explore the photographic opportunities of your feline without worrying for their safety in a world of mean and jealous outdoor cats.
  5. Classic in bed frontal body pose
    Here viewers can feel like they step right into the daily life of your cat. Classy yet inviting, this pose on more high end audiences while letting others connect with your cat in such a personal environment.