1. Butcher. (3-4ish)
    . As schools we had a book and in it was pictures of animals in anthropomorphic situations. One-off which was a pig who was a butcher. I really liked this pig, so decided I wanted to be a butcher. Apparently I was quite insistent. Still love pigs btw
  2. Popstar (age 5-6ish)
    Standard all little girls do at some stage.
  3. Teacher (age 8ish)
    Classic idolisation of the other main adults in my life (other than my parents) I guess
  4. Photographer (age 9-10ish)
    Not quite sure how this came about. Definitely wanted to be like a paparazzi photographer. Think I'd seen one in tv and totes thought that's what unwanted to do
  5. Doctor (age 12)
    Came to the realisation that this is what j wanted to be age 12. I remember it clearly. Was embarrassed to tell my parents for ages cos it was quite embarrassing to admit that I thought I might be smart enough