I haven't made a true New Years resolution in years but these are some goals I have for the upcoming year...
  1. My book on bookshelves
    I wrote a book in 2015 and want to get is published, either traditionally or through self-publishing. I will make this happen. Look out for The Cube in 2016
  2. Learn to change a tire
    I actually can't believe I don't know how to do this already
  3. Use what I have
    I have a lot of books to read on my bookshelves, a lot of DVDs I've never watched, cable stations I don't use, a pasta maker that never comes off the shelf. Before I accumulate anything else I want to embrace what I've already been given!
  4. Compile my favorite recipes
    I have amassed a ton of different cookbooks and recipes from magazines and the web. I want to somehow put them together in one glorious - I love all this food - cookbook
  5. Finish Cora's baby clothes quilt
    I actually have a lot of quilts to make this year but at the top of my list is one I started with Cora's baby and toddler clothes. It will feel so good to finally get that done!
  6. To get to my desired pants size
    I'm almost there and have come so far just this year alone. It's been a three year process but I know that this is the year it is going to happen!
  7. Continue to travel
    I know we will go to at least Florida and Boston this year but if possible I'd like to get to at least one place I've never been before too... Even if just a new city in IL.. As long as we are exploring I'm happy!
  8. Community Service
    I started a lot this year - more involvement at my church, a blog about reducing gun violence, more charitable donations than ever before. I want to keep this up and maybe even ramp it up a little more
  9. Do one pull-up
    I started pull-up training last week. I need two bands. I want to be able to do one pull-up with no bands. I can do it!
  10. Produce less trash
    I marvel at how much we throw away. I know we can do better
  11. Be more active in the evenings
    A lot of nights I just plop on the couch. I want to be more active. Even if it's just baby steps like watching TV while sewing or doing a puzzle or rocking one of my new adult coloring books, I think I can step it up. Ideally I'd like to convince myself to do yoga while watching tv... Or putting my laundry away every day. We'll see how it goes. Really though? There's a whole world out there after work. I want to see it and take Cora along for the ride
  12. More date nights
    I think Aaron and I go out more often just the two of us. Doesn't that sound nice?
  13. Value myself
    I want to like myself more. That is the ultimate goal