1. A flashback of some sort to Luke and Lorelai's wedding - and Luke and Lorelai actually living together!
  2. Finding out what Sookie named her third kid
  3. Finding out whatever happened to Lane's Dad
  4. Rory having her own child; a daughter
  5. Lane's twin boys playing in the band with Hep Alien
  6. Luke & Lorelai buying Snuffy's Tavern and re-doing it together
  7. Dean owning Dosie's market
  8. Jess being a famous author; maybe Rory interviews him for whatever paper she's writing for
  9. Something big happening on Michele's life - like a marriage or a kid
  10. Paris and Doyle still together with kids - hopefully Paris has a kid just like her and gets a taste of her own crazy
  11. Kirk, Babette, Miss Patty, the troubadour, all exactly the same
  12. Hep Alien has a few CDs and Zack is a total rock star success