1. The Price is Right is eternal.
  2. There are never enough outlets.
  3. Mr. Talkative Man will always sit across from me. And he will have portable oxygen. And a Diet Coke.
  4. The vending machines are full of junk food. (Good business plan?)
  5. There's that one woman who's a litttttle too well-dressed to be here.
  6. It really is The Worst Coffee in the World.
  7. The Fonz does old folks commercials now. (No more shark jumping? Or ALL the shark jumping?)
  8. A tube top is never, ever appropriate attire. (Not even in Floriduh.)
  9. Bras are optional. As are shoes.
  10. But elaborate mani/pedis are CRITICAL.
  11. The Showcase Showdown is still high drama.