So I travel for work. A lot. Like 200-250 days per year. And I was a Girl Scout, so being prepared is a mantra for me. And I know how difficult it can be to find an open drug store at 2 am in a city you've never been to. And that you can be super creative with the contents of the average hotel room.
  1. Two laptops
    But only one is mine.
  2. One laptop charger
    Not the one for my laptop.
  3. Mifi with case and charger.
    Because hotel wifi sucks ass.
  4. Mouse. And batteries.
    Because I hate the touchpad on my laptop.
  5. The 2013 master plan for auburn university.
    Light sleepy time reading.
  6. Extension cord.
    Because a girl never knows.
  7. Multiple rental car receipts, boarding passes, and restaurant receipts.
    Because I'm terrible with paper.
  8. Passport.
    Because neither my varied work ids nor my drivers license actually look like me.
  9. Airline drink coupons.
    A lot of them.
  10. Disposable utensils and chopsticks.
    There's nothing worse than takeout without utensils. Nothing.
  11. The key to my work office in North Dakota.
    Which I haven't been to in 15 months.
  12. Baby wipes.
    Literally a million uses.
  13. Assorted coffre condiments, hotel in room coffee packets, and teas.
    I like what I like.
  14. Approximately 2,541 thumb drives.
  15. Lip balm. A lot of it.
  16. Non-lotiony hand lotion.
    Because tsa.