We've reached the halfway point ladies and gentlemen!
  1. I've taken less pictures
    I'd like to say I'm living more in the moment, but this may really stem from "I can't share this anywhere so why bother?" type thinking. Sad observance.
  2. I've been checking in on friends the old fashioned way.
    I'm not good at keeping in touch. It's so easy to follow everyone and their brother on Facebook or Instagram. Texting and actual phone calls for the win!!
  3. I don't know everything and I'm ok with that and feel less anxious.
    At times I find myself wondering what strange. rap song Kylie Jenner might be mouthing in her story on snapchat, but then I quickly snap out of it. If only I could get all that wasted time back!
  4. CNN and MSN have become my sources for news.
    Reputable news sources at their finest. Right?
  5. Crush guy hasn't made any attempt to get in contact with me.
    Annnnnd I'm ok with that. I've messaged him twice and received a response, but that's about as far as it's gone. No build. No flirting. I blame myself and I get it. I could go on and ON about this and explain how my head and heart are mostly a big a mess a lot of the time and it's hurt me confidence wise - but I'll save you the details.
  6. Shit..
    Moving on!
  7. I still waste time on my phone.
    It's not as bad as before, however! I do my normal sweep of Pinterest and List, check my email, and close any running apps.. But that's mostly it! Well, I did download angry birds also but I do t really play it too often.
  8. Work has improved
    Less distraction means better productivity. (I definitely am typing up this list as I should be working. Damnit)
  9. Roommates refuse to share news that is being shared on social media.
    Those jerks expect me to give in. I WILL NOT!
  10. I miss social media.
    I have decided to cut out the unnecessary once I decide to get it back. I plan to slim down the friends lists and people I follow. Maybe delete all of those peeps in the entertainment industry....Except maybe Brett Eldridge, because the adorableness is real with that one and I just can't handle it. Plus he's hilarious. Did I mention he's also adorable?
  11. Things I may have shared on social media :
  12. Kids at Point no Point beach
  13. Macy on the 4th
  14. Hike to Comet Falls
  15. Shameless selfie
    Or should that be shame filled? Jury's still out.