1. Since I've disconnected myself from my father, I've come to many forks in the road concerning our relationship.
    Or really, lack there of.
  2. When it comes to friends, my boyfriend, etc., how much am I supposed to share?
  3. Today, I have to turn in information about myself that will be published in my city's newspaper because I am a valedictorian at my high school.
  4. One of the first questions asks for my parents' names.
  5. Do I need to write down both?
  6. I don't mind writing his name down, really.
  7. But I don't want him to see it in the paper and reach out to me.
  8. It's that validation that he so much needs.
  9. The validation that I know he does not deserve from me.
  10. I'm just asking for your input. It's okay if you don't have anything good to say though, I would understand.
    It's a really strange situation.