I think that this is crucial for night driving.
  1. When you're speeding down the highway at night, the most stressful part is going past the entrance ramps on the side.
  2. The only way I can see if another car is about to get on the highway is if their headlights are caught on the surrounding grass.
  3. Most of the time, there is a wall separating or a difference in elevation that you can't see past to look for oncoming vehicles.
  4. If there was a stop sign for the entering cars, then they would have the responsibility to check for other cars that are already driving on the highway.
  5. I know there are laws for entering cars to yield, but it seems that most people don't follow or know about these rules.
  6. If there were stop signs, there would not be any question of what was expected of them.
  7. I know it would be an inconvenience because the whole point of entrance ramps are so vehicles can pick up speed before getting on the highway.
  8. But, there should be a way that drivers can know that the stop signs must be followed during certain hours of the night.
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