An Experience with Wednesday Church

I haven't been to a high school Wednesday church in years. I went to one tonight and here's how I feel after.
  1. We got in and a few girls came up to us.
    One of them was one of my coworkers and she has always been rude to me whenever I try and interact with her. But lo and behold, at church, it was like we were BFFs. 😒😷
  2. Okay, so they started off with playing some games.
    They dealt with dodgeball and blindfoldedness. I wasn't born to be a volunteer for something like that so I just stood there awkwardly.
  3. Then, everyone went upstairs for worship and a message.
    I've never been one for singing as a group at church. I'm sorry, but I'm not comfortable in that situation. The message wasn't very much related to us being high schoolers (something I remember that I enjoyed). It was about talking to our peers and spreading our story with Christ.
  4. ...
    I've had problems recently with my faith. I believe and I want to be firm in it, but it's hard for me to make connections. In my childhood, I was stronger and have lost that strength. — It is hard for me because of some of the things in the Bible that I disagree with. I don't want to be one who cherry picks, so I don't know how to feel or how to believe.
  5. We then broke off into small groups to meet each other and discuss questions.
    The questions were about why it's difficult for us to speak about our faith with our peers. I feel that it is hard because of my own difficulties in my faith, but I didn't want to bring up anything too controversial, so I didn't speak up.
  6. One of the team leaders walked up to me afterwards and got my number.
    😬😅 Her doing that meant a lot to me, but we'll see what happens when she texts me.
  7. As we walked out, the teen pastor shook my hand. He probably did because I may have had a pretty disgruntled face on.
  8. Overall, I think I'm interested in coming next week. I want to keep with it and see where it leads. I know that I have the choice to leave whenever I want.