1. Setting the stage:
  2. A boy had come up to me at work the other day and asked me out.
  3. I (politely) turned him down and he left.
    He has come in several times after that and has left me alone.
  4. Today:
  5. He came back up to the desk.
  6. I looked up and saw him coming over to me.
  7. And I felt like I had been shot.
  8. All of a sudden there was this feeling in my chest
  9. It felt like a huge wave of a panic attack happening all at once but it wasn't accompanied with anything else.
  10. Just that blast of pain.
    It was so overwhelming that I felt like I was about to cry.
  11. -
  12. He awkwardly apologized for flirting with me the other day. I accepted.
  13. But a little of that pain stuck with me for the rest of the day.
    Almost like a feeling of dread.
  14. -
  15. I think it's important to point out that it's NOT okay to ask someone out at THEIR place of work.
    Clearly, there are exceptions. But very few.
  16. It puts them in an uncomfortable position. Especially when you are their customer.
  17. For me, it's hard to turn someone down while I'm at work because I feel like I am there for service.
    I almost feel like I am going against something.
  18. Mind you, I am fully capable of doing so.