hey check it out and maybe you will learn something
  1. Okay. This is me.
  2. And I got those, you know, dimples.
    Cute, but listen up.
  3. My friend and I were talking today and she told me that she can never tell when I'm being serious.
    I've been told that before, I just figured it was because of how sarcastic I am. 🤗
  4. We were trying to figure out if that was the real reason.
  5. And it's not.
  6. It's those dimples.
  7. They make me look like I'm happy all the time.
  8. Almost as if I can't be serious and I think everything is a joke.
  9. SPOILER ALERT: I don't.
  10. So listen up boys, I can take you seriously and can have a serious conversation.
    My dimples show with pretty much any face I make, so I'm basically never looking serious.
  11. Local
    you can come at me now. It's true that I'm officially normal.