@ 18 years
  1. I've only had one boyfriend.
    I don't think I really liked him though. Not in the way you should like a boyfriend. And it lasted a day less than one month. (Kinda long story. Maybe I'll list about him later.)
  2. I've never been kissed.
  3. No one chases after me.
  4. I know that it's not that I'm ugly. But I'm not sure why.
    Don't tell me it's because I'm intimidating.
  5. But that's okay.
  6. I don't feel any hole in my life for not having all the experiences of literally every other teenager.
  7. But I want to have experience. So I'm not jumping into hot water one day and am in over my head.
    Also, I feel like I'm wasting my teenage years.
  8. Still, I don't think I could mentally/emotionally handle having a boyfriend (right now).
    I can hardly handle having a friend once in awhile.
  9. You know what I mean.
  10. But it'll be okay.
  11. It's not the worst thing in the world.
    I'm not feeling /too/ sorry for myself.
  12. Thanks for listening. I just wanted to talk.