1. I'm sorry that I can't add more words.
    But I feel like I need to give to the conversation. Staying out of it would make me feel like I was being oblivious.
  2. With every list for biz I read, I am at more of a loss.
  3. I didn't know her. I knew of her.
    I remember that when I followed her, she followed me back quickly.
  4. After I saw some of the what seems like hundreds of lists on my feed for her, I went back and read many of hers.
    I think that @cvlop61's list is the one I can relate best to. It is an outsider's perspective and pain. I'M SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS
  5. biz had more words than I think I can hope for.
    She knew how to use them, too.
  6. I know that she, or anyone, would appreciate all of the love that people are sharing in light of these tragic events.
  7. Instead of my own, I will add some of Iain S. Thomas' that I think relate.
  8. Static
  9. Static
  10. Rest in peace. ❤️