my personal issues // I know that this pales in comparison to others', but a lot of people are troubled by my habits.
  1. Certain pieces of furniture in the house are for certain 'levels' of cleanliness.
    One chair is dirty (it's my sister's), the other is clean. One half of the couch is dirty, the other is clean. One chair is dirty, the other is even dirtier. I can't sit on the clean furniture after school, work, or leaving the house (usually). // Don't get me wrong, all the furniture is clean, but something in my head tells me no, I am the one that's dirty and I can't sully the rest of the furniture.
  2. My clothes can be organized from clean to very dirty.
    (The just-washed clothes are of course in the dresser and closet.) Usually there's a pair of jeans that I've worn to work and a pair that I wear when I don't work. These can only be worn on their specific days. etc.
  3. I change out of my 'dirty' clothes when I get home.
    You'll see my speed walking straight to the back of the house into my room to change into the sweatpants and T-shirt that have been predesignated.