1. To you who ripped the back cover off that book so you could steal it from the library:
  2. (You didn't hide it very well. It was on a shelf by a security camera.)
  3. Yes, I know. The security tag is on the back cover.
  4. Yes, I know. You probably REALLY like that book.
  5. But listen. You can check it out for free.
  6. And then you can take it home in one piece!
  7. And you can have it for three whole weeks!
    That's almost a whole month!
  8. And then you can renew it three times!
    Wait 24 hours, and the cycle can start again! No questions asked!
  9. So, really. Was stealing something you could have to yourself for QUITE SOME TIME worth it?
    Or do you just like theft.