*my mom cut it
  1. It hasn't been cut for 1.5 YEARS!!!!!!!
    it would have been two years in the spring of next year
  2. That is so so embarrassing (but I'm here to share it with you as li.st is a judgement free zone, I believe)
  3. It's just that I've made appointments but I've never been able to keep them
    so it's not like I wasn't trying.
  4. Today, I decided it was about time and my mom helped me cut it.
    She used to cut my hair when I was younger but told me that this time she was worried because I'm "more critical" since I've gotten older.
  5. // BEFORE //
  6. Static
  7. Static
  8. // AFTER //
  9. Static
  10. Static
  11. The aftermath:
  12. I've had it this short before and I was a big fan
  13. I think I'm in love