1. Yesterday, I found a lost dog in our front lawn.
  2. He is so sweet and lovable.
    Sorry for the flash; it was dark and late at night.
  3. We kept him in the garage that night. Periodically checking on him, petting him, and letting him out to go to the bathroom.
    He wants DESPERATELY to cuddle, to put his whole body on you, attention.
  4. Today, we took him to an emergency clinic to check if he had a microchip.
    He doesn't. He also isn't up-to-date on his shots or spayed.
  5. Stupid me got attached.
  6. Stupid me thought this could be something.
  7. Stupid me was wrong.
  8. Nothing comes that easy.
  9. And I feel like a child for getting all bent out of shape over this.
  10. But I am.
  11. Of course this couldn't work - us keeping him.
  12. I need to keep telling myself that that's okay. It's more important that he can find his 'forever home'.
  13. But that's too hard.
  14. -
  15. I know I get attached too quickly.
    Not just to animals, but to people too.
  16. But it's so easy.
  17. Talking to someone, spending time with someone. I am fast to hold onto the feelings I have in that relationship.
  18. However, that is not how the real world works.
  19. It cannot be that simple.