1. Still waiting for my Auto Lien Release Form so I can title, register my dang car.
  2. Can't even drive the dang thing.
  3. I've already paid my first dang month of insurance.
  4. So I've wasted half of the dang thing.
  5. Now I'm freaking out that something else will be wrong when I am finally able to go into the dang BMV.
  6. Still having to walk to work in 90 degree weather in dang dress pants.
  7. Even though I only have to walk 15 dang minutes there.
    /another trivial problem/
  8. The previous owner hasn't responded to a dang message I sent him earlier today about the form.
  9. Dang car sitting in garage.
    /this is a good thing because, if it was out, I would be thinking about it more/
  10. dang.