Adventures in Aunting: Cuss Tuesday

As mentioned in my previous list I kept my nephews the other day. As requested by @jneezy79
  1. So maybe I slipped up and cussed In front of my nephews with in 30 minutes of their arrival to my home.
    There's no maybe, I did it.
  2. I don't know how many of you have driven in Houston, Texas but let me just tell you driving here could make your grandma drop an F bomb.
    It's really that terrible
  3. So I cussed while driving. I believe I said shit. Then I remembered there were tender ears in the back seat.
    Shit. Shit Shit!
  4. What's an Aunt to do?
    I knew I was busted.
  5. So being the crazy cool aunt I declared it Cuss Tuesday.
    That is right I told an 8 year old and a 10 year old boys that they were free to cuss for the day
  6. I'm awful I know
    But I know their parents and they've heard it all before and let's be real little boys cuss.
  7. So I make it clear that they can speak freely.
    Omg did they ever!
  8. The 8 year old immediately goes on a 10 minute tirade of every bad word he could think of starting with the literal mother of them all "fuck my life" "fuck you mother fucker"
    Whoa I figured I'd get a few shits, damns and buttholes. Well before the day was over I did get plenty of those as well.
  9. The 10 year old kept telling his brother to shut up and "stop vomiting words"
    And then this happened
  10. I hear "Shut up you little bitch" from the older one to the younger one.
    Oh yeah! Lol even the uptight conservative kid is playing along. Aunt win? Idk? No? Probably not...
  11. The rest of the day was a cuss fest from both of them. I admit I thought it was quite hilarious.
    Yes I laugh every time a child cusses. I have the humor maturity of prepubescent boys. Sue me.
  12. Later I reminded them that it was only this Tuesday for our cuss Tuesday because their 5 year old sister will be joining us from here on out.
    What did they say to this?
  13. "She doesn't care! She cusses more than us anyway"
    Omg hahahaha! A cussing angelic little 5 yo princess.
  14. So I'll let you know how next Tuesday goes...
    To be continued.