I am keeping @jneezy79 kids on Tuesdays this summer. Today I only have the boys. So far this has been quite different than keeping @Sherriharrah girls.
  1. These boys just want to play games on their iPad. I give them a 30 minute window to play.
    Roles have been reversed here I admit to being the first one to say the dreaded summer words "I am bored"
  2. I announce that we need to leave the house and that I would like to run to Target.
    I get grumbles and mumbles and they begrudgingly get into the car.
  3. Not even out of the subdivision yet and I get "my stomach hurts. I need to go really bad"
    Damn it! Aunt fail! I forgot to ask if anyone had to go before we loaded up. U-turn and back to the house.
  4. They pile out of the car and head to the restrooms. The younger one is back in the car in a minute and announces the older one does not want to go.
    Oh hell no! We are going.
  5. I go inside and he's locked himself in the bathroom and refuses to come out.
    I tell him that he has 1 minute to get his act together and join me in the car.
  6. He comes out and gets in the car. He is not speaking to me.
    Let's try this again.
  7. We get to Target. Walking past the clothes I see a cute top. I slow down to look at it.
    From the peanut gallery I hear "Oh geez is this why we are here? (Annoyed sigh)"
  8. Nice he just bought he and his brother a stroll through every bit of the women's departments. With me asking them if they like everything and should I buy it. Shoes, clothes, pajamas, all of it. They are super annoyed.
    I can play their games.
  9. We head to the toys and electronics. My original intent for the trip.
    I figured lets get other things to enjoy besides iPads while hanging at my house.
  10. The younger one understands what is happening and immediately chooses a nerf gun.
    He is enjoying himself.
  11. The older one is confused. I tell him to pick anything.
    Now he is super confused and asks "anything"
  12. I notice this while they are looking. Wtf?
    Do kid toys often look like dicks?
  13. He starts looking at everything. After 5 minutes I ask "do you not see anything you like?"
    He tells me yes but there are 2 things he likes.
  14. Fine get 2 things. I'm bored again.
    I tell the younger one to pic another toy too. In 1 second he has his 2nd nerf gun in the cart.
  15. What's the older one got?
    Nothing because now that he can get 2 things he has to re-evaluate his selections.
  16. Damn it! Kids 2 Aunt Kelly 1
  17. My new guns. I'm gonna go shoot them now.
  18. You boys enjoy your iPads