Bees Love Blue Flowers

Add blue to your garden to attract bees
  1. I have observed this myself through the years but didn't know if it was a fact so I decided to do a quick google about it and here is what I found out.
  2. On the color spectrum they see blue to violet best
  3. And that yellow looks like blue to them
  4. Of course they will go to many colors of blooms but blue/violet is their favorite
  5. I took a quick walk around the nursery and found bees on all but 2 kinds of blue flowers
  6. Torenia
  7. Salvia guarantica
  8. Mystic spires salvia
  9. Scaevola
  10. Evolvulus
  11. Tradescantia
  12. Salvia farinacea
  13. Wendy's wish salvia
  14. 💙🐝💙🐝💙