When you can't sleep in your own bed because your spouse is snoring so loud that you want to harm them. Or any other reason you can't sleep in your own bed and need to choose couch or guest bed.
  1. I prefer the couch
    We have two other beds but they just aren't as comfy as the couch
  2. One of our couches. We have a big ol' sectional that looks comfy (but i don't think is, although I am in the minority), an overstuffed couch that also appears comfy (again, these couches lie!!) and an older, not all that great looking couch that is broken in just for me 💝 (we have a guest bedroom but I can't sleep in there)
    Suggested by @kaelliope
  3. I prefer the recliner 💜
    Suggested by @Heartsounds
  4. Couch bc I don't want to have to rewash the sheets.
    Suggested by @ashleyanwiler
  5. I just bought a brand new couch and specifically looked for one I could sleep on, just in case!
    Suggested by @elmospimpingme
  6. Sometimes I prefer the couch to my own bed
    Suggested by @shawnastoltzfoos
  7. I would prefer to send the spouse to the couch.
    Suggested by @bluepuddles