Crazy Things asked for at garden centers and nurseries. I wish I had a picture of my face the first time I was asked for any of these. 😳
  1. Chlamydia "Do you sell chlamydia?" Ummm no!
  2. Gonorrhea "Where do you keep your gonorrhea?" Ewww I don't!
  3. Listeria "I need some listeria." Does anybody really need listeria?
  4. Clitoris "Where's the Clitoris?" Sorry I can't help you buddy. (*There is a plant with partially this name but that's never what people are looking for...well at least not at the garden center)
  5. Asylum "Can I get some asylum?" Are you ok? From what Country or government?
  6. Saliva "Do you have blue saliva?" No. Why?
  7. Hummus "Do you have 40lb. bags of hummus?" That would be enough to feed a village.
  8. "I have a dark wet hole. What can I put in it?" Omg do you not hear yourself?
  9. "Hey man where can I get some grass?" Shhhh somebody might hear you