Everything That Reminds Me Of My Grandma

I miss her
  1. Her cigarette case. I just loved touching it. And the smell of her cigarettes inside of it.
  2. Instant ice tea. Her main drink day and night
  3. She drank her instant ice tea in yellow solo cups
  4. Her crazy helmet radio in her kitchen that played jazz and big band while she cleaned.
  5. Viva soft overpriced linty paper towels.
  6. Always on hand for the grandkids and her sweet tooth
  7. Nobody has made or makes as good of a homemade ham sandwich
  8. She always drove some version of this car.
  9. I remember thinking she was so cool and glamorous when she wore these in 1979
  10. Her signature pearl clip on earrings.
  11. She always wore these funny gold slippers