From a ___________ to a ____________

My name story. I'd love to read your name or other change story.
  1. My maiden name is Flaherty
    Just like @dev 's last name
  2. In Houston where I live there are only 68 people with the last name Flaherty (per
    In the 70's thru the 90's there was always just around 10 and I was related to almost all of them
  3. From what I can gather there are 1000's of Flaherty's in the north east so I probably would not have had the same name experience there as I did living in the south
  4. Growing up people always commented on my "beautiful Irish name"
    New teachers, sales people, new friends, customers all would say "what a beautiful Irish name" "that sounds very Irish" etc...
  5. It made me feel good to think people thought something about me was beautiful or interesting
  6. For those that really seemed into it I'd cheese and toss in that my middle name was Colleen
    Kelly Colleen Flaherty "what a beautiful Irish name"
  7. On October 19th I will have been a Kock for 20 years
  8. It's strange because for the last 20 years I've gotten name attention but for the opposite reason.
  9. Now when I say my name to people typically I just spell it
    Kelly K-O-C-K
  10. People actually look at me strange. Some with laughter behind their eyes. Most just look confused.
  11. If I say the pronunciation of Kock, it's cook by the way, they never spell it correctly. So I just spell it.
    And then I get the looks
  12. No one ever says "what a beautiful _____ name" anymore.
    EVER! Sadly we don't even know the heritage of the name. My husbands father and grandparents were not in his life for long. The dad is also an only child so no aunts or uncles to ask. It could be German, Polish or Dutch but who knows.
  13. It's a strange thing going from having so much pride in your name and heritage to ambivalence.
  14. Becker to children named Zweig.
    As a young Jew growing up right after the holocaust I am not going to lie, I was more then happy to have a name and a Irish looking face and blond hair and blues eyes to fade into the wood work. I wasn't self hating but I want looking to be a billboard either...more like self seething. I had escaped Goldberger like a teen boyfriend but I only once remember saying thank G-d that's not my name and that was about one of my besties Amy Zweig. Fast forward and I meet the love of my life G. Zweig.
    Suggested by   @notme
  15. I continue ...Becker to Zweig kids...
    I couldn't take it, #1 I got married too late and am too modern to take my mans name but I do love it and our awesome relatives it conjures. However, it's a mouthful and makes every interaction @school or reservations take forever. Everyone wants to know how to say it so they can garble it in their own unique way and spell it too so they can eff that up. Of course they want to know what it is which brings back awful but happy ending stories of narrow escapes. Becker to Zweig tripping consonants.
    Suggested by   @notme