1. My sister and I did our first Live video on our business fb page Thursday evening and it's gone viral.
    Not national viral but local viral.
  2. Our subject was Sod Web Worms in st. augustine lawns
    You'd think that was a snoozer subject but no it turned out really great and informative. Here is a link to our fb page and the video is 3 post down if you have st. augustine and would like to learn https://m.facebook.com/PlantsForAllSeasons/
  3. We basically cleared our shelves today of the products needed to treat them. People were very responsive to the video and it actually equated to dollars in the register 😊
    Tomorrow will get interesting on what we have left to sell for the problem.
  4. Yeah!
  5. 91,300% whoa!
  6. So now we are jazzed to do more. Fun, fun, fun!