1. I have seen pictures of Beijing and other cities in China and always noticed the sky didn't look blue. No matter if it was city pics or out in the country.
  2. I sat through an entire presentation about horticulture and botanical gardens in China by a Texas A and M professor and guess what, not one blue sky pic from the 100 slides she shared that were from over a 3 week period.
  3. One of my friends went to Shanghai last year and same thing in his pics. No blue sky and when I asked him about it he acted like I was crazy. He then pulled up one pic of a kinda blue sky sunny day but it still wasn't like here in the US, it was still gray.
  4. Here is my confirmation that I have been correct and that my eyes have not failed me.
  5. Static
    I know this is not scientific evidence and that it's just one girl but she confirmed my suspicion.
  6. Is she speaking metaphorically? I really don't think so. I think the sky looks gray over China and that makes me sad for all that live there and have never seen a beautiful blue sky.
  7. 🗾🌈