I'll never learn

  1. My neighborhood has a private Facebook group page
  2. Lots of postings about lost pets, builder issues, complaining etc.
  3. Someone posted about a lawn issue
  4. And what they said was based on misinformation and lack of understanding
  5. I work at a garden center and this time of year I spend more time than I'd like discussing lawns
  6. So stupidly I put in my 2 cents
  8. all the armchair experts started piping in with more bad info and myths
    Like some of the dumbest things people could think about nature
  9. And I want to scream and pull my hair out.
  10. All I was trying to do was stop perpetuating myth and stupidity and plain ignorance and maybe spread some knowledge and fact and understanding
  11. I just can't with these people anymore.
  12. I am promising myself that I will restrain from commenting any further on any neighborhood post.