I love this place

Isle Pedi spa Vintage Park
  1. I switched nail salons 6 months ago because my old place gave me a fungus 😝
  2. Reception area
  3. A beautiful presentation of all their colors. I don't own any nail colors but this makes me want them all!
  4. This new place is all about sanitation and healthy clean habits.
  5. They use stainless steel bowls for pedicures. Other places use recirculating jetted water and weird plastic liners that promote fungus and bacteria.
  6. The chairs are like princess thrones and actually comfortable. Other places typically have massage chairs which I hate being top heavy. I always felt like I was giving a giggle show in those damn things.
  7. Every seat has its own tv with direct tv
  8. I love all the decor
  9. So fancy
  10. Heaven 🙂
  11. And I had mimosas too.
  12. It's a great day so far 😊
  13. Yay one more while my toes dry.