1. I have a sting on my leg
    I felt it happen last week but was talking to a customer so I didn't look down right away didn't want to freak out so now I have no idea if it was a wasp, bee, or other...
  2. And I was just now taking a pic of it
  3. And I wanted to zoom in on it
  4. And instead of putting my fingers on my phone to zoom in the screen
  5. I put them on my leg
  6. And proceeded to try and make the camera zoom in
  7. Like a moron I actually had the thought "why isn't it zooming"
  8. Omg I must be really tired because I'm not usually this dumb
  9. 🙄
  10. 😝
  11. Mission accomplished
  12. So yeah there's a hole in my leg where I just squeezed out some puss looking stuff
  13. Hopefully this goes away in the next few days
  14. Because now I just want to mess with it
  15. I know! I need to stop.
  16. Ok I'm stopping
  17. No more touching it
  18. I'm done
  19. For real
  20. I promise
  21. 😉