I May Have To Sleep Here At Work

When your area has already received 5-10" of rain over the last 24 hours and it looks like you are in for another 5-10".
  1. When someone from you're neighborhood shares this photo of your street
    You think to yourself hmmm I may not make it home tonight.
  2. When your nearest relative sends you a picture of their street and it looks like this
    You can figure you probably won't be sleeping there tonight
  3. When your parking lot at work looks like this and it's raining so hard that the building across the street is disappearing
    You think yourself FUCK I MAY HAVE TO SLEEP HERE
  4. When the radar looks like this with no real end in sight
    You are probably shit out of luck and sleeping at work tonight.
  5. When your phone keeps sending you emergency notices that you are under a Flash Flood Emergency
    You probably should just stay where you are. TURN AROUND DON'T DROWN.
  6. When you are looking at bags of potting soil and rating them on softness because they may just be your bed tonight....
    FOR REAL! I wish this was all a joke 😳