My husband is the opposite and just does not understand
  1. I changed my days off for the first time in 17 years.
  2. I've been off on Sunday and Monday with my husband all these years and now I am changing to Monday and Tuesday off.
  3. At work I saw that it was easier to change my own schedule than to be selfish and change my employees schedules.
  4. The 2 good things about this schedule change were that I'd have some alone time early on Sunday mornings before we open and that I'd have a day off all to myself on Tuesdays.
  5. I heard from my brother that our mom had decided to not keep my nephews and niece this summer.
  6. I don't really do much with the kids so I decided to pick up my moms slack and help out my brother and sister in law on Tuesdays for 7 weeks from 9-4
  7. So I gave up most of my alone time for a great cause.
  8. Plus I would still have a few hours to myself before the husband gets home from work.
  9. Or so I thought...
  10. Since my husband knows the kids leave at 4 he's now changed his schedule to get off by 4
  11. ...To come home and spend time with me
  12. I feel like a horrible bitch for being annoyed that my husband actually likes me and wants to spend time with me.
  13. Introverts please tell me you get this.
  14. I'm the worst!😫
  15. I just wanted to put away my laundry in peace and watch some OITNB and maybe do a little bit of nothing and daydream for a few hours.
  16. But instead I'm listening to my husband ask "what's for dinner?" like every five minutes. while he's watching some ufc crap.
  17. And I'm just here on trying to be alone...
  18. Giphy