I've got bees on my head. Don't call me a bee head

  1. There are bee hives on the property at my work.
    This is a super old pic because all these hives are now stacked high
  2. It's the greatest thing! I love bees and bugs and nature 🐝🐛🌺
  3. And @Latifa is the beekeeper.
    her and her husband Matt have a company called BZHoney.
  4. How cool is that?! My beekeeper is on li.st
  5. I love watching the bees work. It's mesmerizing and fascinating!
  6. Bee hierarchy is serious! It's like Game of Combs up in the hive.
    Hehe I can't remember if @lizepoo or @jneezy79 or myself said that first but it cracks me up.
  7. We sell the honey in our store. It is a hot item. We take waiting list when we sell out.
    Last Sunday they brought us 40 jars at 3pm and we sold 14 by 5pm when we closed.
  8. Look at that yum in a jar
  9. I had some for breakfast on my biscuits
  10. It's delicious!