How I lost 30 lbs earlier this year and have kept most of it off
  1. Breakfast
    1 Bacon, egg and cheese breakfast taco and a coffee
  2. Lunch
    A chipotle burrito bowl and water with lemon if I had time
  3. Dinner
    2 frozen microwave burritos
  4. This went on for the Spring because I was super busy and it was easy
  5. And also I wasn't healthy and had a mystery illness that made me have no appetite and that's why I actually dropped weight. But I like to joke that it's my burrito diet.
  6. I feel better now but occasionally I have the weird yuck feeling again
  7. Now my burrito diet as @lizepoo and @jneezy79 and I call it has morphed into the following
  8. Breakfast
    Still the same
  9. Lunch and dinner are some form of international burrito: gyro=Greek burrito moo shu or egg rolls=Chinese burrito Wraps=American burrito calzone=Italian burrito fajita=fancy TexMex burrito frozen burrito=lazy dinner burrito Spring rolls=Vietnamese burrito Loaded baked potato=Irish burrito
  10. There you have it. My burrito diet in all its delicious glory.