1. Since my parents divorce in 2012 my dad has now been engaged 3 times
  2. The first 2 women were sociopaths
  3. I still need to write a list about the first one. What a fucking nightmare she was. Literally the worst excuse of a human that I've ever met.
  4. The second one, also a fucking nightmare, almost landed him in jail. Here is my list about that ordeal: Sex and it's powerful blinding side effects
  5. So now for the 3rd one.
  6. They've been dating for a year.
  7. It's never come off as serious.
  8. It's seemed casual.
  9. She's nice enough I guess.
  10. I don't get them as a couple but whatever at least she's not a nightmare drama causing dirty whore like the other 2 were.
  11. In fact she's boring.
  12. There's nothing interesting about her.
  13. I don't dislike her and I don't have any kind of feelings about her one way or another.
  14. They are already planning this event for the first Saturday in March.
  15. Why the rush?
  16. Well she won't move in with him until she's married and her place she rents is up for renewal so they've decided to move things along.
  17. Will it last?
  18. I have no idea because like I said I have no real feeling about her one way or the other.
  19. And after the last 2 fiancé nightmare bitches I'll take indifference and boring.