1. Being an adult you can see the dysfunction and can reasonably understand why it's happening but it doesn't make it easier.
    Life is short so if you're not happy go find your happy. Sadly neither of my parents have figured out what makes them happy.
  2. It's a crazy thing to be made into a statistic at the age of 40.
    I'm now a "child of divorce" like most of my peers. They just went through it about 30 years before me.
  3. You think "I'm an adult, yes it sucks, but it won't really change my life that much".
    Well that was naive wishful thinking
  4. I now have split holidays.
    Not the end of the world, it's just logistics.
  5. Every birth, funeral and family event I have to think of what awkward situation I'm going to be stuck in.
    This will be a future list because theres already been some interesting events
  6. I now watch what I say around both of them if it's about the other one. Even if it's the most generic thing it can get blown up and harped on.
  7. It's been 4 years and my mom still tries to squeeze me for info about my dad.
  8. There's also the people who continue to feed info to my mom about my dad. I'm sure she sees them as her friends for doing this but I think they are mean.
  9. There's nothing quite like having to witness your parents out in the dating world and failing miserably.
  10. My mom has dated and had a couple of relationships. Two of whom have dropped dead of heart attacks soon after they've stopped seeing each other. 😳
    This has made for several black widow jokes and jokes saying my dad got out just in time. Funny not funny.
  11. My dad only attracts literal sociopaths. He has been engaged 2 times already. Thank goodness he didn't marry either of these nightmare bitches. (sorry if that's offensive but I'm actually being kind)
    This is also a list for another day
  12. Basically the whole thing sucks and it's weird.
    If either of them could get their lives together and be truly happy this would all be easier...I think.