1. He was so excited for his guys trip to downhill mountain bike in Whistler Canada
  2. He built up a beautiful bike "a dream bike" for most people
  3. And got a helmet custom painted by one of his friends
  4. Then in March he was riding in Austin and landed hard on a jump and tore his tricep from his elbow
    (Not actual wreck)
  5. It was super swollen
  6. Then he had surgery
    It was a 100% jagged tear so they removed 2" of the tendon drilled through his elbow and attached the tendon back to the elbow.
  7. He was out of work for 6 weeks
    He's a right handed hair stylist
  8. And then therapy for 10 weeks
  9. And got the all clear from the doctor and therapist for his whistler trip
  10. Yay count down back on
  11. He got to go Sunday a week ago and was sooo happy!
  12. Far right is my happy man and all his friends that he planned the trip with. He's the glue of the group. None of them would have done this if it weren't for Matt.
  13. Then 3 days in I got a call from him that he hurt his elbow and that his trip was over. Here is the crash
  14. It looks like a nothing kind of crash
  15. I called the airline and flew him home the next day
  16. That was last Thursday.
  17. He is super sad.
  18. Here is the progression of the elbow
  19. Sunday
  20. Sunday
  21. Monday
  22. Monday
  23. After insurance bs and doc out of the office we are finally able to get in to the doctor for tomorrow afternoon.
  24. Fingers crossed for no more surgery and that he didn't re-tear his tricep.
  25. Poor Matt! Someone said to me "don't you want to kill him"
    No way! He was so excited for this trip to show his friends how amazing it is to ride in whistler. I'm just sad for him.