My Quirky Husband-A Listroduction Of Sorts

I love him quirks and all. He is not on but so much of me is him that I found it easier to Listroduce him than myself. Well, for now anyway.
  1. This is my husband, Matt.
  2. His socks always match his outfit
  3. He looks like Danny Bonaduce
    He can not see this himself and it drives him nuts that people say that he looks like him. But come on he totally does!
  4. He does not eat vegetables.
    People always say "what about ____" but the answer is always no. Unless you ask about pickles. He will eat pickles.
  5. He only eats meat, bread, ketchup, french fries, candy, ice cream, pickles and cheese.
    However the cheese is only on pizza and that is his favorite pizza flavor. As for ice cream he eats it but doesn't really love it.
  6. He eats candy color by color and in some crazy order that only he knows.
    I do know it's the same every time and that brown M&M's are the best and he saves them for last.
  7. He will only eat pickles in spear form.
    Do not even come at him with a pickle round or a half or the worst a whole pickle.
  8. He refuses to get a cell phone and believes that they are a blight on society.
    "I will have a land line until they pry it from my cold dead hands" Matthew Kock
  9. He puts our last name on all kinds of stuff but especially bike parts.
    I call this one the Kock ring. 😂
  10. This is his side of our closet.
    He loves shoes and finger spacing his clothes and color matching his hangers to his shirts.
  11. He loves downhill mountain biking. This is funny because we live in the flattest pancake of a city, Houston, Texas.
    This pic is from Whistler Canada
  12. This is his favorite person on Earth besides me
    Our niece Jazzy. They are seriously the same person.
  13. He refers to himself as a weight weenie.
    He makes all his bikes super light weight. This bike was in magazines for being so light.
  14. He also used to have an awesome race car.
    Yes, it's a Miata but if you know anything about cars you know they are amazing for autocross. Still not sure why he gave this up. I will say I hated riding in that death rocket.
  15. The first words that he ever said to me "Are you looking at my butt? It's a great butt go ahead and look at it."
    He's right it's pretty great and I was.
  16. He loves roller coasters.
    I do not.
  17. He won an ugly Christmas sweater contest for Niner Bikes with this submission.
  18. And again the next year with this gem of a pic
  19. He gets his toes painted if I make him get a pedicure with me.
    This is just to annoy me.
  20. He tells me "Haba Ga Da" everyday
    From the only episode of Everybody Loves Raymond that we ever watched. I don't remember the storyline except that someone was telling Raymond to Have A Good Day but in their broken English it came out Haba Ga Da.
  21. He's also a hairstylist and has his own salon.
    This is not a quirk except that between this profession of choice, neatness, matchy clothes, Miata driving, toe nail painting and love of design and decorating and his last name is Kock it seems like a quirk.
  22. There are so many awesome quirky things about him and these are just the tip of his list. 😍😂