Places I hate going because of my crazy tan lines

Working outside year round in Texas definitely has its perks but it also has it's downfalls.
  1. Weddings
    It is pretty much impossible to find a cute dress to hide this.
  2. Funerals
    Same as above only I would not be worried about the cute factor so much.
  3. Dressing rooms
    The lighting only makes it all look worse.
  4. The nail salon
    I've heard "what happened to you" more than once from the technicians. This comment only makes the people sitting around you look over at your feet. When you say it's from the sun and being outside the confusion is all over their faces, which confuses me.
  5. And the given... Everywhere A Bathing Suit Is Required
    Every girl loves to have a giant line across her thigh. It really accentuates the shape and size of the leg.